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    Dear Valued customers ,

    Welcome to 3ELEAD !

    Established in the year 2006 in Shenzhen China,3ELEAD has been focusing on providing high-end LED lighting solutions and has become the leading brand of commercial and industrial lighting products for an entire range of functional lighting applications.

    Seeking to develop green lighting solutions that reduce operating costs, improve productivity and alleviate the world's most pressing environmental challenges, 3ELEAD is leading the way into a new era of environment friendly LED lighting.

    3ELEAD owns 2 plants in Shenzhen and Wuhan city (headquarter location) with 300 skilled emplyees, 8,000 square meters work shop ,12 production lines.Our high quality standards are maintained by sourcing raw material from qualified enterprises. Our products are of proven quality with 100 percent quality control and are thoroughly tested before introduction to market.

    3ELEAD are organisations with ISO9001 approved quality management systems and tproduction quality is assured by in-house quality control system. They use advanced testing devices such as thermal shock chamber test, temperature and humidity aging test, luminous and spectrum testing and 100 percent raw material quality testing in the production line up to the finished product to provide safe and guaranteed high quality.

    Our Team - We are ordinary people with extraordinary commitment to deliver best services to our customers. We are focused on ensuring that our customers get complete satisfaction. We are authentic about what we do and recognize that the most powerful medium of brand promotion is satisfied customers.we believe our success lies in creating endowing relationships with our clients and making sure that we touch, move and inspire them with whatever little we are capable of providing.

    Our Vision - We seek preeminence in the lighting market by consistently delivering practical, customer-driven lighting solutions. We aspire to be the lighting brand of choice of architects, designers, contractors and installers in the process of shaping remarkable visual elements and surroundings.

    Our Mission - We inspire and empower customers to enhance natural and man-made environments through the use of efficient lighting.

    Our Value Proposition - 3ELEAD is agile, responsive, competitive and customer-driven, with an unmatched ability to rapidly bring quality products to market, react quickly to changing demands, and deliver sensible lighting solutions.

    Thank you !

    ----3ELEAD TEAM